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The Good Food CFO podcast

Jun 28, 2021

Getting your product in front of the right buyers is one of the biggest challenges for CPG brands. 

While there are multiple platforms to assist brands in getting noticed, they don’t come without nuances and learning how to make the most of them can be complicated and time consuming.

Today on the show we’re talking to Georgiana Dearing, RangeME expert and founder of Water Street Marketing for Manufacturers, to learn how to get noticed and make sales with your RangeMe profile.


In this Episode Georgiana shares:

-What is RangeMe, and how it can grow your businesss

-The 5 most common mistakes brands make when using RangeME

- The 3 Levels of RangeMe and the benefits of each

- WHEN it’s the right time to “level up”

-Proven tips for creating a successful RangeMe profile

-Services Water Street Marketing can provide to assist in creating and maintaining a successful RangeMe profile

If you’ve got a RangeMe account that isn’t performing like you hoped, or if you’ve been considering the platform – this episode is for you!   

 Meet Georgiana Dearing:

Georgiana Dearing, owner of Water Street Marketing for Manufacturers, has been helping national and regional brands sell in and sell through retail and distribution channels since 1998. She's also the founder of VaFoodie, a digital community celebrating Good Food, Good People, and Good Brands in and around Virginia. A mentor to small business leaders and craft food brands, George hosts The Virginia Foodie, an educational podcast for food entrepreneurs.



Instagram: @vafoodie  @thevirginiafoodie
Facebook: Virginia Foodie Marketing Group

Twitter:  @GeoDearing
Clubhouse:  @GeoDearing 

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